Fair Practices Code Policy

This Code has been formulated by Aptus Finance India Private Limtied (Aptus Finance), the “company”, pursuant to the Guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India on Fair Practices Code for Non Banking Finance Companies vide its circular RBI/2014-15/34DNBS (PD) CC No.388/03.10.042/2014-15 dated 1ST July 2014. This amended Code has come into force from 1 April 2018.


The primary objective of the code is as below,

  • To promote good and fair practices by setting minimum standards in dealing with customers.
  • To increase transparency so that the customer can have a better understanding of the services expected.
  • To promote a fair relationship between the company and the customer.
  • To encourage market forces, through fair competition, to achieve higher operating standards.
  • To foster confidence in the housing finance system overall.

Application of the Code

Commitment to Customers

Advertising, Marketing and Sales

Aptus finance will:

Processing the application for Loans

Loan appraisal and terms/conditions

Processing Fees and Charges

Communication of rejection of Loan Application

If APTUS FINANCE cannot provide the loan to the customer, it will communicate in writing that the loan has been declined and to the extent possible explain to the customers the reasons for decline

Disbursement of loans


Privacy and Confidentiality

Credit reference agencies

Collection of Dues

Branch shifting/Closure

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